Monday, February 22, 2016

3,2,1…Introduction. A little bit about me!

Hello everyone!

First time I thought what would be the best way to introduce myself through a digital resource, to create a video came to my mind quickly. However, I thought it twice. I started to think about my possible students and I look for something different. I discard tools as Powtoon for this reason and finally, I came across with the tool that fitted on my demand.

Pixton is a digital tool based on creating a comic. I thought that create a comic could be a visual and effective weapon to introduce myself in a different way. We watch videos everyday but we do not usually read comics. This is the main reason for my decision. I think using a comic would impact in the students much better. Think about it, a colorful comic, with a personalized character and many different elements to decorate your vignette.

Even using the free version, Pixton gives you many options in order to create a detailed comic. You have 44 different landscape topics and 16 landscapes per each topic. It is a quite big range of options. On top of that, Pixton offers you a wider range of options in order to create characters. You are able to design every different feature of the character including color of the eyes, hairstyle and skin color. You can select different cloths to wear and accessories like belts, ties and even a helmet.

For these reasons, Pixton lets you create different kind of situations that for a History teacher as me it seems to be really attractive. I could be a medieval knight or a soldier in the American Civil War. It is definitely the perfect tool.

Despite of the fact that Pixton has a wide range of options in order to make a comic, the free version has some limits. I would like to have a wider range of cloths or the possibility to create new landscapes on my own. Nevertheless, it is understandable a free version has these kinds of limitations.

Here is my comic: 

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