Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Creative Commons License

Hello everyone!

I have just made a little change in the blog. I have licensed it with a Creative Commons Licence. As you can see on the footage, this license allows everyone to use and share everything I post.

There are just two limits:

The first limit is all materials posted can be share or use alike, which means you are not allow to modify it.

I have decided to add this limit because everything I have posted, they are materials created on my own. This blog is addressed to share and develop our CLIL knowledge. For this reason and purpose, I do not think it is necessary to modify them.

Moreover, there is another basic limitation: everything shared in this blog cannot be used with any commercial purpose. It is evidence that education is not a business and our goal is learn and help others to learn. We could accomplish this aim by teaching but also sharing, reflecting and debating. That is the meaning of this blog title.

Regarding license our publications, it is really important to make our students aware about the value of using a license as Creative Common License offers. Licenses establish an implicit arrangement between the viewer and the author of the materials. This commitment makes the use of materials easier.

To be respectful with others creation is an essential principle. Everyone wants their creations to be valued. This is another goal of licensing our creations.

In addition, we should make our students understand not every material on the net is free to use. Students usually take any picture or diagram from the net and use them on their essays or presentations without any consideration to the laws attached to them. They must be aware about this matter and one of the best ways is to make them license their creations.

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