Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My experience with Pinterest

Hello everyone!

This new post is address to tell you all about my experience with Pinterest. Most of you probably already know this online tool. It is an online free platform where you can organize everything you find all over the net. If you have been thinking about how to organize everything you find online, this is a great tool to do it. It is easy to use and if you install the “Pin It button”, you won’t spend any time on saving what you find.

Curate online resources are not an easy task. There are thousands of webpages, images, videos, etc. uploaded on the net. However, spend enough time looking for excellent resources are worth it at the end. For this reason, to make this task easier, Pinterest was created.

Pinterest let you organized your online searches in online boards. There you stick your “pins” that is how the application named each search. You can “pin” images, webpages, videos, music, and everything you can find on the net. However, you can also find resources within Pinterest. People share their pins and boards and Pinterest offers you select different topics you are interested in. This option let the platform show you instantaneously pins related to the topics. 

On top of that, Pinterest allows you to share your boards and pins, follow other friends or people in Pinterest and develop collaborative works sharing a board like I did in my master’s class. 

Here is the link to the board:

It is an incredible tool easy to use. 

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