Friday, March 18, 2016

CLIL eproject prototype

Hello Everybody!

In this new post I want to show you the eproject I have started to develop for my master’s in primary education. It is a History project address to 6th graders and it is focus on the Spanish Second Republic.

I have chosen this topic because it is very controversial and as a historian I think it is essential for our students to star learning about this part of the Spanish History. 

Students will study this period, its main characters, social classes, economics, arts and literature investigating one of the most important characters of this period: Manuel Azaña, one of the presidents of the Spanish Republic.

Based on the evaluation shown in the last post, I have created the following eproject draft that you can check out here: 

Moreover I have created a prototype of my project as a Powtoon video. It is a short video where I have summarized the different aspects of my project. I have created this artifact with Powtoon because it is a free online tool easy to use and dynamic. Powtoon let you use many different free templates and characters, add images, music and videos. It is a really useful tool to create videos. The worst thing is that you have no so many options in order to use texts in the slides and problems when you try to add a video on the slides. 

In spite of these facts, Powtoon is a great online tool to create your own videos free as you can observe in my protoype. I hope it will encourage you to want follow my future posts. 
Here is my video:

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