Friday, March 18, 2016

Evaluating a CLIL eproject

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In oder to create my own eproject or e-book about History I have firstly evaluated one already done. This is one of my master’s tasks and to accomplish the goal of creating a meaningful eproject, I have evaluated one made by Estafanía blanco Hernández for the same master a few years ago. It is called: Discovering New Plannets. You can check it here: 

Regarding to quality content, the eproject created by Estefanía Blanco Hernández has a specific key knowledge related to learn about planets. She encourages their students to develop a critical thinking and collaboration but there is no problem solving in her standards. 

On top of that, the project is based on a meaningful problem to solve: how to create our own planet. The students need to know about which are the main characteristics of a planet and think about them to choose some for their own and new planet. 

In order to create their own planet, the author shows us that students must develop an active practice over time. It is a process that involves students to generate questions and find answers as well as find resources to achieve these answers. 

Generally speaking, this eproject has coherent contents which align with the topic but one chapter is not developed. The author has forgotten show students and other readers an example of students' last project: create their own planet. It is not specify or even describe. In spite of that fact, the contents are clearly structured.

Taking into account multimedia resources, the eproject has plenty of different multimedia resources that make it attractive. These multimedia elements are clearly part of the content and they are also adequately attributed and licensed. There are videos, comics, presentations, posters and audios that make a real impact on students' learning and connect with their interests as well as their identities. The author uses Aurasma, Pixton, Canva, Powtoon, and Soundcloud. Moreover, the eproject is based on students’ reflections and it shows them how to learn and research. They will have to overcome a video challenge, face an audio challenge creating riddles or create a collaborative presentation, poster and a video presentation about their project. The students will upload to the class blog their creations and they will receive an extraordinary feedback.
Everything they create will be public and licensed.
In relation to accessibility, this eproject is not adapted for people with special needs or disabilities neither show inclusive practices. This is one of the most important lacks of this project.
Finally, regarding to innovation and originality, everything used in this eproject has been created by the author. As a result, she gives an original approach to the topic developing the activities in an imaginative an engaging way. Also, students make their own choices and work by themselves but guided by the teacher.
To sum up, this eproject is a clear example of how to encourage develops students’ ICT skills and knowledge.

Also, you can check out my presentation created using Genially here:

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