Monday, April 18, 2016


Hello everyone!

In this new post I am going to talk about the last project I have created. It is an InfoEduGraphic. However, this time I haven’t carried out this challenge alone. I have worked in a team of six people with different roles in order to organize and accomplish the goal assigned. I have been working with: Salvador López (@salvador1987lop) and Xue Mei Yan (@nievesyan317) who played the role of environment, Laura González (@LauraGonGar5) who worked as the coordinator, Ana Fuerte (@Anafuertecano) and Gabriela Márquez (@Gabrielamqz) worked as secretaries, and finally I (@rpeinadog) played the role of speaker. 

For a start, we debate about which kind of InfoEduGraphic we wanted to create for our students. As we all are developing eprojects related to history, we conclude the best option would be create an InfoEdugraphic where students could observe the different steps to create a timeline. We picked this topic because we all thought that a timeline is one of the most useful tools in order to study and learn History. 

After looking on the net for a suitable tool in order to carry out our InfoEduGraphic, we finally decided that Piktochart was the most appropriate one. It is free and easy to use. Nevertheless, Piktochart had a specific problem; there were no many different free accessories to create a meaningful and eye-catching InfoEduGraphic. As a result, we surfed the net looking for licensed images that could let us do it. 

Thinking on our primary students we decided to create an InfoEduGraphic based on the Super Mario’s videogame, and set every step of the timeline creating process as one of the different challenges that Super Mario has to overcome in the videogame. It has taken so much time to find all these drawings free to use but it has been worth it. 

Here is our InfoEduGraphic:

Our InfoEduGraphic has participated in a collaborative project called: “Proyecto colaborativo infoEDUgrafías”. Here, you can check our InfoEduGraphic published on their blog:

We have to thank “Proyecto colaborativo infoEDUgrafías” the opportunity of publishing our work on their blog and reward us with this badged. Thank you so much!

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