Monday, April 18, 2016


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In this post I am going to talk about one of the best experiences I have had with ICT. In relation with the last post, the same group of people carried out an online chat with other groups of my master’s ICT class. The goal of this chat was to talk about CLIL, ICT related to CLIL, our eprojects and also, all our doubts and concerns about CLIL at class.

My team’s eproject is connected to History, and we ask for help in order to develop cross-curricular activities in secondary education. Moreover, we talk about emotional education and our eproject itself. In order to develop this activity, we assigned different roles to each one: Salvador López (@salvador1987lop) and Xue Mei Yan (@nievesyan317) were our community managers spreading all over the net the event and main assertions. Meanwhile, Ana Fuerte (@Anafuertecano) and Gabriela (@Gabrielamqz) worked as content curators selecting tweets, pictures of the most relevant moments. Finally, Laura González (@LauraGonGar5) played the role of moderator of the chat and I (@rpeinadog) was the speaker of the group.

There were eight speakers on behalf of five different groups. Each group had its own eproject: on behalf of Neighborhood’s eproject Neus Fiol (@nepeuspu) and Álvaro Gómez (@Alvaro_Gope), the Earth adventures’ eproject was explained by Celia González (@celiagon92), animals’ eproject whose speaker was Guillermo Lagarejos (@GLHmaster), on behalf of traveling around Europe’s eproject spoke Imma Caballero (@teacher_inma) and Lola Berral (@lolaberralraya), and finally, body’s eproject was explained by Patricia Madrueño (@patimasie).

It took us two hours and a half of previous practice with the hangouts application. We practice and organize a little bit the debate. We share our ideas first and help each other how to carry out the chocotalk. 

Here is our Chocotalk:

The online chat carried out was a Chocotalk because it was a challenge related to charlasconchocolate’s blog. This blog is an online place where primary and secondary teachers debate in different ways about education. In this sense, we have to thank charlasconchocolate their kindness and to let us participate in their project. 

Here is the link to the charlasconchocolate blog:

And here is also the reward they have given to us:

All in all, it has been an incredible experience. Share with my colleagues a debate about education and also be part of a coordinated team where each one had a role has been also delightful. I have to acknowledge that speak life online was scary at the beginning but it has been worth it. I am surprised how I managed to speak in English taking into account I was really nervous. I would repeat this experience again and I recommend it to anyone.

Here you can observe my colleagues work as content curator: 

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