Sunday, April 24, 2016

World Book Day and Aurasma app

Hello everyone!

This new post is related to a challenge linked with World Book Day. In order to celebrate April 23th, I have created a poster with Piktochart describing how I am as a reader. I have created a collage with the main novels, poetry and theater master pieces I enjoyed the most. As you could see, there are writers from a wide range of historical periods.

Here is the collage:

When I started to create my collage, I firstly picked Canva to do it. It was a tool really easy to use but I found that there were no so many different accessories to decorate the collage. For this reason, I changed my mind and selected Piktochart. It is an online tool as easy to use as Canva but it gives you a wider range of free templates and accessories. Moreover, Piktochart lets you create not only posters but presentations, infographics and reports. It is an extraordinary tool and its free accessories are particularly useful. For instance, you can use shapes and lines, icons, photos and photo frames. Photo frames let you paste an image and entitle it in a visual and eye-caching way.

On top of that, obviously, you are able to upload any kind of image or photograph. There is just a 2-MB-size limit in order to upload images but it is enough.

Once I finished my collage, I downloaded Aurasma to my phone. This application is HD Autonomy’s augmented reality platform. Aurasma lets you hide within an image, that you have previously selected, a video or presentation. In order to discover the video you just have to download the Aurasma’s app to your mobile device and use it to scan the image. Once you start to scan the image the app reproduces the video attached automatically.

Aurasma is an easy tool to use. You just have to prepare and image and a video or presentation to attach. The steps to follow in order to create your own aurasma is easy but in case you need help, here you can watch a tutorial created by some of my masters’ colleagues (@Nepeuspu, @Alvaro_Gope, @Marta_Gayarre, @22paau and @Maradominguezgo):

In this case, I have hidden a video where you could see me explaining what type of books I usually read, which books I would recommend you to read and finally what features define me as a reader. I haven’t spoken about my favorite book because I don’t have any. I love reading but I can’t choose any book, all of them have something that makes them special. For this reason, I have recommended three books I consider are essential or that I have enjoyed the most.

I hope you will enjoy my Aurasma. Download the app, follow me on Aurasma (rpeinadog) and scan the collage above.                  

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